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Everybody is unique and explaining the history or meaning of a name is as unique as it gets!

What’s in a name? Truth is, we all have one and along with every name comes history, an identity and a story. A name encompasses historical lineage and significance of what it has come to represent. Our name describes what and who each of us is and its essence is at the very heart of our existence.

Create the perfect customised gift for a loved one or for yourself. Hand made with a choice of gold, rose gold or silver foil, our signature 'Name Meaning' Design Print is an inspirational and timeless gift, a piece of art that will be treasured forever. These prints are suitable for all ages as their classic design is created to be minimalist and timeless. Get a baby name print for a precious newborn or as baptism gift. Our customised prints also make very special First Communion gifts.

Our name definition prints are a celebration of individuality and the unique meanings behind each name. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each print not only reveals the meaning of a name but also immortalises it as a piece of art. The centrepiece of our design is the 'feature letter' – a standout character in the name that is delicately adorned with hand-applied foil, transforming the print into an exquisite artisan creation.

Names carry weight; they are echoes of our identity, heritage, and the aspirations our loved ones hold for us. By capturing the essence of a name and its significance, our prints become more than just decorations; they are treasured keepsakes, reminders of the beauty and depth that every name holds. Perfect as a thoughtful gift for special occasions or a personalised touch to your home, these prints celebrate the individuality of each person and the loving craftsmanship that goes into creating them. Embrace the beauty of names and the stories they tell with our bespoke name definition prints.

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